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Jard sur Mer & La Tranche sur Mer

During your stay in your Sun Océan campsite, take a look at Jard sur Mer and La Tranche sur Mer in Vendée. A few minutes south of your rental, these towns are charming, warm and breathe nature.

In Jard sur Mer, between beach, marsh and forest, this town is unique. Enjoy a hike in the forest thanks to the four signposted pedestrian circuits that cross the city and its nooks and crannies, available to all and at all levels.

Then come and observe the various species of birds present in the marshes, at the Plumat pond : herons, swans… All are present in this nest of peace. On foot or by bike, this natural area promises a rejuvenating walk in the fresh air.

Walk along the coast along the footpaths and stop at the beach to lay down your towel. Some areas are supervised, for the well-being and safety of all. 7 kilometers of beach border this commune and at the end is the Pointe du Payré.

If you wish to return to the city center, visit the church of Saint Radégonde. Built on the initiative of Richard the Lionheart in the 12th century, it was then fortified in the 15th century. Admire its imposing Chapel and its 4 vaults of Gothic style.

After Jard sur Mer, visit the neighboring town : La Tranche sur Mer. Facing south, its sunshine is perfect, it is the opportunity to enjoy the beach.

On 13 kilometers the fine sand beach awaits you to soak your feet. This town is especially known for water sports, so if you want to surf, kitesurf, windsurf or sand yacht you are in the right place !

jard sur mer

To continue on the board sports, Atlantic Wake Park is the good address of La Tranche. For young and old, 7 hectares of water await you to test and initiate you to water sports with professionals who accompany you. It’s the ideal place for a perfect vacation, with family, friends, couples or alone.

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