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100% Nature Experience : Day 3

It’s already the third day of vacations at the Sun Océan campsite in Talmont Saint Hilaire, time flies. So how can we fill this day ?

Why not an escapade 100  % nature to take the fresh air, follow us, we leave to the adventure, in the marshes around of Talmont Saint Hilaire!

talmont saint hilaire city center

First step : The equipment

Equip yourself : a picnic, a big bottle of water, good shoes, sun cream and let’s go.

Second step : Departure

From your campsite, walk through the town of Talmont and reach the marshes. Count on a forty-five minute walk between town and country before arriving at the salty smells of these marshes. Once there, discover among the reeds, cattails and rushes, beautiful stretches of water. Here, everything is peaceful, you can hear nature live : the song of the birds and the sound of the wind.

Third step : Salt marshes

Stop for a moment and contemplate the distant landscape. Immerse yourself in the smells of salt, pine and sand. Every breath of air is soothing. These swamps seem endless. Built in the shape of a comb, it is difficult to see the end. They are built on 1000 hectares of land and are fed by the Payré canal.

In France, marshes can be freshwater, stagnant or saltwater. This marsh is indeed a salt marsh. For hundreds of years, and even since the Middle Ages, the salt workers have been harvesting salt by evaporating the sea water. Depending on the weather and the tides, the crops are never the same. This is a very interesting and complex process, which can be explained to you during a guided tour of these marshes. This visit is possible from the end of June to mid-September, on weekdays from Monday to Friday and for a fee of 6 euros for adults and 2 euros for children.

la guittière salt marshes
salt marsh samphire

The Salt Festival

Attend each year at the end of August, the salt festival, or ” la Sou “, in Vendean patois, which takes place in the Guittière district in Talmont Saint Hilaire. On this occasion, the public can discover the traditions in these marshes as well as the methods of salt harvesting. On the program : guided tours of the salt marshes, local craftsmen (wood, pottery, chairs…), games, concerts and exhibitions (of photographs or paintings). On-site catering is available for young and old. It’s an activity that is ideal for families, friends, couples or alone.

For more information about this event, contact the socio-cultural center of Talmont Saint Hilaire at 02 51 96 02 76.

Fourth step : Fishponds

After the salt marshes, it’s time for the fish marshes. A fishpond, what is it ? Also known as fishponds, these saltwater or freshwater basins are used to accommodate and promote the development of certain species. Algae or gastropods, such as periwinkles for example, thrive there. This also allows scientists to observe their evolution to understand the natural phenomena around us.

Last step of our journey : Freshness break

Following this visit, we leave the saline waters, a little rest would not be of refusal. We suggest you take a short detour on your way back to your Sun Océan campground and sit down comfortably at La Petite Crêperie for lunch or a crêpe with a refreshing drink in the afternoon, all in a quiet and pleasant setting.

talmont saint hilaire vendée

For the rest of the day, head up to Sun Ocean, and enjoy the indoor pool in all temperatures. A paddling pool is available for the little ones, to have fun in complete serenity. And lounge in the sunbeds along the pool. Find yourself with your family in this calm and quiet campsite where family values are honored.

On the Vendée coast, between Jard sur Mer and Les Sables d’OlonneWhether in a pitch or in a mobile home, one cannot dream of a more relaxing stay. Peace and quiet are the watchwords for the managers of this campsite who even say ” you will find the simple values of life “.

The campsite in some pictures :

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