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100% family experience: Day 2 – Discovering the island of Ré

Discover this island and its 10 villages. We propose you the inescapable of this magnificent and exotic place, to make in one day.

port of the fleet l'ile de ré

The National Nature Reserve of Lilleau des Niges hides many surprises.

In the heart of nature and salt marshes, immerse yourself in the calm of this place and observe. Open your eyes wide. You will see a great diversity ofbirds, plants and the foreshore (which is revealed once the tide goes out). Let yourself be guided by a local professional and visit the house of the Fier, a real museum, which will teach you more about the biodiversity that surrounds you.

Take the opportunity to make a detour to the salt marshes. Formerly 1000, they are now a hundred salt workers to harvest salt with ancestral methods. This activity takes place from June to September. Visit the adjoining eco-museum and discover the steps of these methods, and the details of this know-how.


Then climb to the top of the observatory bell tower of Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Once you have climbed the 117 steps you will be able to see the magnificent panorama that is in store for you by day or by night. Admire the breathtaking view of the island.

Then go to the whale lighthouse and the lighthouse museum. This lighthouse is one of the highest in France (57 meters), you can also climb it to admire the view. The associated museum will tell you the history of lighthouses, their evolution and the methods used for their construction.

It’s impossible to go to the island of Ré without visiting the Fort de la Prée. Built in 1625, this Fort is original and has stood the test of time and history. It can be visited from April to September. Take advantage of a self-guided tour or a guided tour to discover all the secrets.

city center l'ile de ré

The campsite in some pictures :

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